On Cats and Counting Calories |Tao-centric | 3,270 words | In which up-and-coming supermodel Huang Zitao is actually a lonely vagabond traversing the cities of the Far East while in search of himself in glossy magazines and in the pages of Murakami novels.

killing and being killed, fighting and screaming, it’s not like this is a war. striking and hitting, taking sides and fighting, it’s not like this is a game, either.


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goddamn zitao, this is not okay

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When asked to perform Wushu, fans shouted “He’s got waist injuries!” Huang Zi Tao, you tried hard to explain, “No, I’ve recovered already. I can perform. Really. Really, it’s no longer painful.” But backstage, no matter how you tried hiding, someone still spotted duizhang applying medicine for you. You said, “Pain.” You said, “Duizhang, apply it with lesser force.” Someone who has trained wushu since young saying “its pain”, someone who has grown up falling and tumbling saying that “it’s pain”. You said pain. Huang Zitao, you lied to us.


”其实那天下台后 你再怎么躲藏 还是被人看到队长为你没药的画面。你说 疼 你说 队长轻点。从小练武术的人喊疼 从小跌打滚爬的人喊疼。你喊疼。黄子韬,你骗我们。“

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